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Of the three “Rs,” writing often is the most difficult. Putting ideas into words and then placing those words prettily on paper is challenging, even for the most prolific writer. Too often, you stutter as you try, saying one thing over and over. Or you’re vague, so much so that no one understands what you’re point it. You also have to know grammar, a confounding subject for many. All those dangling participles and misplaced modifiers with which to deal. Too much!

But when you can’t write right, you can’t communicate effectively. And this presents problems, especially for today’s students. Sure, they can text up a storm in their abbreviated, sub-standard English, with its crazy abbreviations, such as “LOL.” But as they do so, they lose touch with formal grammar, unlearning the rules they’ll need to know as they continue their studies and then enter the workforce. Soon, they’ll be able to entertain on Facebook, but their teachers will cringe at their style, content and presentation. In fact, students who can’t write look less intelligent than they are. They’re not as likely to get the grades they deserve or the promotions they should earn when they can’t write well.

So what do you do with your child who struggles to master writing? Have a StudyBridge tutor work with him! We know amazing techniques that can help him express himself on paper. We know our grammar. We’ll make him diagram sentence after sentence until he knows where that modifier needs to be to stop its dangling. We’ll make him read, for reading improves writing. Most of all, we’ll make him write. And write. And write—for writing well comes by writing a lot and knowing the rules that govern it. Finally, we’ll offer never-ending encouragement, not only helping him learn to write, but also love to write.

Who knows: thanks to us, your child could become the Shakespeare of our times. And that, we think, would be pretty awesome indeed. Let us be the Personal Bridge To Better Students. Call StudyBridge Today!