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The New SAT(2016)

The following table provides an in-depth breakdown of the new SAT:

Evidence-Based Reading and Writing Math
Sections Reading section: 65 minutes Writing and Language section: 35 minutes No Calculator section: 25 minutes Calculator section: 55 minutes
Questions Reading Section: 52 Questions Writing and Language Section: 44 Questions No Calculator section: 20 Questions Calculator section: 38 Questions
Score Range 200-800 200-800

As you can see from the table above, the new SAT only has two sections—Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and Math. Unlike the former test, the updated SAT includes no penalty for guessing. There is also an optional essay section which is scored separately.

Essay Section

The essay section of the SAT is optional. Students are given 25 minutes to write an essay in response to a thesis which they can either defend or reject. The essay is designed to test a student’s critical thinking and writing skills, or their ability to present an argument clearly and persuasively.