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Study and Organization

We know it’s tough being a student these days. Competition is fierce. Your child needs an edge to stay ahead! If he has the right study skills, he’ll have that edge—and StudyBridge can provide them. Your child will use his study skills forever; they’ll give him a competitive edge in the real world, too.

Time management is an issue with which most students must deal. Maybe your child procrastinates or is distracted easily. Well, StudyBridge tutors can help your child take control of time. We’ll help him make to-do lists and organize free time so that he can study and play video games, without jeopardizing his scholastic performance. We’ll teach him to keep a work progress journal, so he feels a sense of accomplishment with each task he completes. This will motivate him!

Maybe your child is good at “pseudo-working,” going to the library for hours, seeming to study, yet never accomplishing much. We see this all the time—and we can change that. Working with us, your child will learn to study alone, without the distraction his friends can cause. He’ll study for fewer hours at a time, as long stretches only fatigue the brain—and we want that brain sharp! All-nighters are ineffective!

If your child suffers from performance anxiety, we will combat that, too. Sometimes, just getting started freaks students out. The assignment seems so complex, so overwhelming, that it paralyzes them with fear. But we’ll help your child just take that first step, helping him break down the work into manageable pieces. Once he gets that first part done, he’ll soon hit his stride—and finish in record time.

Finally, we’ll help him learn the proper ways to memorize. Mnemonics will help, as will realizing that memory works in small doses—trying for hours on end to stuff numbers, dates and places into his head will get him nowhere. Instead, your child should work memorization in with his other studies, perhaps spending one hour at a time with his flash cards. His mental energy will endure this way. He needs to learn this, and we can teach him.

Study skills are crucial to survive, not only in the academic arena, but also the professional realm. Start your child down the path of success. Let us be the Personal Bridge To Better Students. Call StudyBridge Today!