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At Studybridge, we know our students are more than test scores. They have different learning backgrounds, different goals and different passions for different subjects. However, we also know that an SAT score can be the difference between rejection and admission into a student’s dream school. So we know how important the numbers game can be.

Test Prep courses can be the most effective way to improve your students test scores. Our instructors view students as more than just a score. Our instructors have taken the SAT and are in the top 10th percentile among test takers.  Using their expertise and a highly personalized approach of teaching courses, our instructors can deliver an effective learning experience that is guaranteed to help your student increase their score.

We know that Test Prep courses can still be highly personalized option for tutoring. We teach your child how to approach SAT questions logically, strategically and with conviction. But we also teach her exactly what the question is asking, what type of question it is and how best to solve it. She’ll relish knowing these, for she’ll then be able to approach, answer and assess life’s important questions much the same way.

Online courses are convenient and are just as effective as in-person SAT Test Prep courses. Our courses are taught by a live instructor. Unlike pre-recorded courses, we don’t pigeonhole your child into learning a pre-determined curriculum that can’t be supported with the flexibility of a live instructor. They fail because they don’t—and can’t—interact and adapt to your child’s individual needs.

Our live instructors personalize your child’s learning plan, leaving room for interaction and questions. Our Test Prep courses are flexible enough to accommodate whatever challenges your child has; indeed, we interact, adapt and adjust with your child until she knows all she needs to know. In fact, our test preparation framework is an entire package. At the center of the package are—of course—SAT Prep Courses, but also included are “guided work,” “independent practice” and “independent tests” your child will use to improve test scores. Our package offers an all-inclusive way to best Prepare for the SAT or ACT—and the future.

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