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You need a lot of energy to deal with physics. That’s because physics is all about how things move and interact with one another. In fact, physics in part studies forces and how they react with objects. So the force of knowledge must be with your child for her to get physics!

Take Sir Isaac Newton and his three laws of motion. The first states that an object in motion stays in motion, while an object at rest stays at rest. If your child has ever watched an astronaut in space, she’s seen this. The astronaut throws something into the atmosphere, and it just floats without stopping. That’s not too hard, but those second and third laws can be killers. Acceleration, mass, magnitude: all these terms come up, with mathematical formulas to go with them. They only make sense when they’re explained in simple terms. For example, to understand that every reaction has an equal and opposite reaction, the third law, she needs to realize that forces come in pairs. We’ll show her this through simple to understand examples, like a cannonball. When it’s fired, the force of the explosion pushes the cannon back. Two forces, one result. Sounds easy, but calculating forces can readily confound. StudyBridge tutors simplify the forces, exploding knowledge into her brain.

Newton also talked about gravity; not understanding this force can be grave indeed. Gravity is all around us; it keeps the planets rotating around the sun and forces things to fall to the ground, no matter what their weight. Drop a book from the roof and it will fall—and fall hard. A feather will fall, too, but at a much slower rate. Your child needs to understand why, and we can explain. Formulas and forces won’t fool her any longer.

Another confusing concept is that of potential energy. It exists whenever an object with mass exists within a force field. The most basic example is the position of objects in earth’s gravitational force. Playing with potential energy requires understanding the formula, PE=mgh—which isn’t simple. It can, in fact, ruin your child’s potential to comprehend physics—but don’t worry. We’ll expend our energy to make sure her potential for success surfaces.

Don’t let the forces of physics prevent your child from acing her classes and understanding why things move the way they do. She’ll use that knowledge forever; it’ll make her a force all her own. Let us be the Personal Bridge To Better Students.Call StudyBridge Today!