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Solve, please:

Student A spends 5 hours studying for a math quiz, then takes a train from Los Angeles to San Francisco to take said quiz. The train travels 382 miles at 65 mph. Meanwhile, student B spends 3 hours studying for this quiz, but lives in San Mateo. He takes Caltrain for 20 miles; it races to the city at 75 mph (it’s an express). Who arrives at the test faster, and who gets the highest grade?

Impossible, isn’t it? Variables are missing. Such as, at what times did the students begin their studies? When did each train depart? Most importantly, who helped them study?

Let’s factor the last variable into the equation. Student A has no help studying. She’s left to master quadratic equations, Euclidean geometry and more on her own. She’s rather lost, those numbers and formulas dancing around her head like monsters preparing to eat her grey matter. Words—and numbers—fail him.

Student B, on the other hand, aces his exam. He’s been working with his StudyBridge tutor, who patiently takes apart each equation, helping him see how to plug in the right numbers to solve it. His multiplication tables are sound, thanks to StudyBridge, as are his abilities to break down word problems into the right factors, so solving them is simple.
After all, math is pure abstraction; once you know how to extrapolate the necessities, you can readily calculate the right answer. But when you can’t do that, math simply won’t add up. That’s where we come in.

StudyBridge’s math tutors understand how daunting geometry, trigonometry and word problems can be. We can solve comprehension problems easily through diagnostic work, then use those diagnostics to plan our specific approach to get your son or daughter back into the numbers game. Our formula for your child’s success isn’t magical, but rather based on tried and true approaches to tutoring, approaches culled from our years of experience. We can solve any problem your child has understanding math’s many challenges. Let us be the Personal Bridge To Better Students. Call StudyBridge Today!

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