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In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue. And that’s that. Or is it?
Remember when history was that simple? A date. A name. A place. Of course, these things still remain important—but studying history is no longer as easy as remembering a rhyme. That’s because so many histories are important to us today, not just the simple version we were taught as children. Yes, Columbus sailed that ocean—but he displaced natives, conquering their land for his own use. We need to know about this and what it means in today’s multi-cultural society.

In fact, history is comprised of voices from the past (and present), voices we must listen to. These voices can be loud or soft; sometimes, the softer the voice, the more important it is. No longer, for example, is the Civil War simply a fight between the Confederate Army and the Union Army. Rather, it’s also about the slaves who fought for independence, the freed African Americans who helped the Union. We rarely heard about them before, but now their voices roar. They tell us their versions of history, offering conflicting views on events we thought we understood. They challenge us to open our minds and realize history is shaped by all, not just those in power.

That’s why studying history today is so difficult. Competing voices vie for your child’s attention. To which should she listen? A StudyBridge tutor will help her make sense of all this noise and decide who she needs to heed. George Washington, of course. But also Susan B. Anthony. Rosa Parks. And Che Guevara. We won’t let important voices or the history they need to share fall on deaf ears!

StudyBridge’s history tutors have heard it all: every date, every name, every place. We’re ready to instill our knowledge into your child so that she understands it all too well, and can learn to listen to important voices on her own. No rhymes, just reason.

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