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Matter. It matters. A lot. In fact, without matter, nothing matters, for nothing exists. Chemistry therefore matters, too—it’s the study of matter, after all. We must study the interactions of protons, neutrons and electrons and the atoms they make in order to understand life and the universe. It’s no laughing matter when your child can’t comprehend chemistry.

Called the “central science” because it brings together the natural sciences such as astronomy, physics and biology, chemistry thus matters for academic success. Without a strong foundation in it, studying these other sciences will prove daunting. That matters, too!

Your carbon-based beings—aka your kids—need to know organic chemistry if they’re ever going to grow up to be the doctors you foresee them being. They need to understand how organic compounds function in order to invent cutting-edge products, medicines and more. In fact, they need to play with matter to create things that matter. When they learn chemistry, they’ll have the foundation they need to succeed. They’ll expend energy productively. Why, they’ll be unstoppable! A Noble Prize might even be in their future. Everything’s possible with chemistry on the brain.

Indeed, nothing matters more than finding a top-notch tutor to help your son or daughter comprehend that massive periodic table of the elements and master all its secrets. Since the elements are the building blocks of all matter, they really matter—so your child really must be comfortable working with them. Hydrogen, oxygen, neon – they’re all important. Once she knows her elements, she’ll be able to make compounds—without fear and without blowing up the house! She might invent a marketable compound that makes you millions!

StudyBridge’s chemistry tutors know what matters when it comes to understanding atoms, molecules, energy and more. And the chemistry we’ll create with your child will be tremendous, too. Our patience, warmth and knowledge will assure your child succeeds in her studies. And our energy will be infectious! Nothing the matter with that.
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