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Biology is perhaps the most important science these days. With stem cell research, cloning and DNA modification being realities, understanding the science of life has never been more important. Sure, your child needs to pass her biology classes. But she also has to understand the implications biology has on her life, the world around her and the future.

Of course, StudyBridge tutors will help your child get through the basics, like cell division. She’ll learn the difference between mitosis and meiosis, understanding that one is simple fission, the other, sexual reproduction. We’ll teach her all about plants. How photosynthesis requires chlorophyll and sunlight. But we’ll also teach her how important sunlight is for life as she knows it: it produces her food and the fossil fuels that power her world. She needs to understand how important plants are.

She’ll also need to know genetics, something we StudyBridge tutors love to teach. We know deoxyribonucleic acid is a mouthful, but we also know that understanding how this double helix enables traits to pass from organism to offspring is vital not only to her scholarly studies, but also her life. More and more, genetics are used in treating and preventing illnesses, and we want your child to understand why. It could save her life one day.

She must understand how the body functions, too. Sure, she’ll dissect a frog in school. But will she understand how all the systems work together to make that frog jump? We’ll make sure she does. In fact, we’ll help her understand her own body better. The skeletal system, digestive system, endocrine system—we’ll teach her them all, even showing her how they work together to make her function. She’ll learn to love the body so much, she might even want to study medicine.

Finally, she’ll learn about ecology and the environment. Obviously, understanding things such as global warming and sustainable agriculture has implications for our future. She must understand these so she can create a healthy carbon footprint, one that saves precious resources as best as it can. We’ll help her realize the implications environmental research has for her future.

You see, studying biology has far-reaching implications for her future. Don’t let your child get left behind. Get her hooked on biology so she’ll succeed. Let us be the Personal Bridge To Better Students. Call StudyBridge Today!