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Test Dates

The following chart displays the upcoming test dates for the ACT. We encourage parents and students to take note of all the deadlines and prepare for the test ahead of time. Your child will be best prepared for the ACT if they are familiar and comfortable with the test content beforehand.

It is also important to research the application and test deadlines for the colleges and universities your child is applying to. Some institutions have different deadlines for test scores and application forms. Moreover, colleges and universities generally take several weeks to process your child’s test scores. We encourage parents and students to plan accordingly. Your child should give themselves enough time to take their exams and send their score reports before application deadlines pass.

Official Test Dates and Registration Deadlines

Test Date Registration Deadline Late Registration Deadline Completed Score Release**
February 10, 2018* January 12, 2018 January 13-19, 2018 February 21 – April 6, 2018
April 14, 2018 March 9, 2018 March 10-23, 2018 April 24 – June 8, 2018
June 9, 2018 May 4, 2018 May 5-18, 2018 June 19 – August 3, 2018
July 14, 2018* June 15, 2018 June 16-22, 2018 July 24 – August 27, 2018