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At Study Bridge, we understand how difficult it can be to choose the right test prep. In light of all the options, we want to explain why our test prep is the best option for your child.

Initial Diagnostic Exam

Before your child chooses a test prep course, they will take a diagnostic exam. Our instructors use the results of the diagnostic exam to develop a lesson plan which will address your child’s strengths and weaknesses.

Moreover, our test prep programs adapt to your child’s progress. Throughout our program, your child will take practice tests regularly. Instructors will use these practice tests to check on your child’s progress and adjust lesson plans to help improve their scores.

Individualized Study Plans

Outside of one-on-one tutoring sessions, your child will be assigned independent work. It is important for your child to keep up with the learning material outside of tutoring sessions. Our individualized study plans will not only encourage independent learning but will also reinforce the concepts and strategies your child learns during their tutoring sessions.

The assigned work will be adjusted according to your child’s abilities and progress throughout the program. As your child’s skills improve, they will be given increasingly difficult material to maximize their learning potential.

The Perfect Tutor

Most importantly, Study Bridge provides the perfect tutor for your child. Finding a tutor who understands your child is extremely important. Before assigning a tutor to your child, we take your child’s personality and interests into account. Once we’ve selected the most suitable tutor, our tutors will consider your child’s individual strengths and weaknesses while creating lesson plans and explaining difficult concepts. Our focus on individual learning sets us apart from other test prep companies and services.

Tutor Qualifications

Study Bridge hires only the most qualified individuals. At Study Bridge, we value tutors who are passionate about education and connecting with students. All of our tutors have at least one year of tutoring experience and have passed a comprehensive background and reference check. We also require all of our tutors to pass a live teaching test and training program before they begin teaching.

Study Bridge not only equips our tutors to connect with students but also encourages the continual development of their teaching ability. Once they have completed the initial curriculum, our tutors take ongoing training sessions and teaching workshops. We encourage our tutors to challenge themselves and improve their ability to communicate effectively with students.