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Guaranteed Results

At Study Bridge, we guarantee that your child’s ACT scores will increase after our private tutoring sessions. We offer the following guarantees for our tutoring programs:

Tutoring Program ACT
15 Hour Program Increase of at least 1 point
30 Hour Program Increase of at least 2 points

However, students must complete all of the following components of our tutoring program to maintain eligibility:

Components Requirements
Practice Tests Complete all SAT Practice tests within the program
Tutoring Complete entire tutoring program including all tutoring hours within the program
Homework Complete all homework assignments by the end of program
Scores Submit final SAT scores and official baseline scores
Test Date Take SAT within one month of the last tutoring session

Our Guarantee

As illustrated in the previous tables, we guarantee a point increase according to our program’s hours. Our Point Increase Guarantee is based on the official ACT score range. Students who score a 27 or higher on their first official or practice ACT test will be guaranteed an increase in scores.

If your child fulfills all of the required components but still does not achieve our guaranteed score increase, we will provide compensation. Your child will receive an additional 10 hours of free tutoring, where we will provide new learning materials. We can also provide your child a new tutor upon your request.

Guarantee for the ACT

To calculate a student’s score improvement, we use your child’s first ACT score as the baseline. If your child has not taken the ACT but has taken an official PreACT, their PreACT score will be used as the baseline. If your child has taken neither the PreACT or ACT, we require parents to proctor an ACT practice test for their child and provide a signed proctor verification form.

The test must have all the time limits of the official ACT and must be completed in one sitting. Identifying a student’s baseline score is critical for helping our tutors determine where a student needs to improve. Therefore, Study Bridge requires the completion of an officially proctored ACT test before the first lesson.