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ACT Tutoring

At Study Bridge, we understand how difficult it can be to choose a test prep service. In light of all the options, we want to explain why our ACT tutoring is the best option for your child.

Study Bridge specializes in one-on-one tutoring. We believe private tutors can address the needs of students in ways they cannot in group lessons. For example, instructors in large classroom settings typically use standardized lesson plans, which often causes students to get left behind. Moreover, students can be more self-conscious about asking questions and are much more likely to be distracted in group settings.

In light of these ineffective teaching methods, Study Bridges promotes independent learning through our private tutoring sessions. Unlike other companies who use standardized testing materials, our tutors create personal lesson plans which can fully engage and challenge the students they are working with. Our tutors identify your child’s unique strengths and weaknesses to create individual lesson plans that focus on specific areas of needed improvement. Furthermore, our tutors can individually address your child’s questions and help them to remain focused during their one-on-one sessions. Through our private tutoring, your child can be more engaged with the material and have greater accountability for their own work.

In addition to our specialized tutoring techniques, Study Bridge recruits only the most qualified and passionate individuals to be a part of the team. All of our tutors have passed an intensive teaching exam and have years of experience working with students. We continually train and equip our tutors to meet the needs of our students.

In short, Study Bridge’s test prep services are unique and highly effective. We hope you will consider Study Bridge as one of your options for ACT tutoring.